As a trusted cabinet dealer representing five national and international manufacturers, we strive to educate and guide our customers through every aspect of the selection and design process. Whether you're an expert craftsmen or amateur remodeler, we're happy to advise you on wood options, types of finishes, and current trends; giving you guaranteed peace of mind for the investment you make for your home.

Typically, clients come to us after doing a bit of research on their own, unsatisfied with the results. After providing your ideas and vision, we'll work with you to find the right door styles, wood species, spacing, and finishes to fit your room's aesthetic. Once designs are finalized, contractors and architects are provided with full floor plans, elevations, and drawings at the job site so everyone on the team understands the goals for your home attuned to your designs. After installation, we'll follow through on adding improvements, adjustments, and fixes until you're completely satisfied. We're passionate about being transparent and communicating openly with our clients so that all their needs are met, so much so that most of our new clients come to us as a result of recommendations from past clients! Hopefully this has informed and inspired you to try your hand at remodelling with our family here at Danmar Cabinets. We're looking forward to working with you!